Bulletin 1


The tour consists of two events: the first tour stop is held in Saint-Petersburg, the second
in Tampere. Each tournament is held in three rounds.

1. Organizer
Ozerki Water Ski Club in cooperation with Finnish WaterSki Sports federation with informational support of Vyborgsky District Administration of St.-Petersburg and Committee on Physical Culture and Sports of St.-Petersburg Administration.
2. Venue
WaterSki Club Ozerki is located on Grand Suzdal lake in North part of St.Petersburg. You will find map as an attachment. Google Earth coordinates 60 03N 30 18E.
The lake has been used as training site and competition site since 1960-ies. First USSR champions in slalom, jumps and tricks were skiing just on that place.
3. Dates
16th June 17th June 2007
4. Events
Slalom 3 Rounds
5. Categories
U21 Women/Men
Open Women/Men
Senior Women/Men
6. Entry Forms
To be submitted by e-mail latest on 03rd June 2007. You will find a registration form / entry form as an attachment. Please mention athletes full name, date of birth and category. Return this e-mail to: anna.hilmi@mail.ru
7. Minimum for Entry
No performance limits for entry
8. Number of skiers
The total number of participating skiers is not limited
9. Entry Fee
1.750,00 rubles per skier (in cash). (Equivalent to 50)
10. Training
Unofficial training is offered till 15:00 on 15th June 2007. The cost of training is 40 rubles (approx.1) per minute. It must be paid right after training session by cash to the organisers. You can make reservations only by e-mail order to Club Chairman, Anna Hilmi; you will find e-mail address above.
11. Competition Site
As an attachment you will find a map and the skiing site on Google Earth.
12. Presentation
Anytime before the start of the first competitor. Entry Fee must be fully paid at the presentation by cash. All skiers submit identification card and medical care insurance policy confirmation covering waterskiing activities.
13. Official Boat
MasterCraft ProStar-190 with PerfectPass Pro
14. Homologation
Normal homologation (minimum)
15. Classification
In every Tour Stop is the Best performance of 3 Rounds in each sex/age category counted towards results.
16. Cup classification
Based on results of each round in each sex/age category, the skiers will advantage Cup points as follows:
   1st         12 p
   2nd         10 p
   3rd          8 p
   4th          6 p
   5th          5 p	
   6th          3 p
   7th          2 p
   8th          1 p
Total Slalom Tour Placement will be counted from the results of 3 cup point placements; i.e. maximum points for a skier can be 36 p. To be counted to the Cup Classification, a skier must have participated at least in 4 rounds out of 6.
17. Preliminary schedule
Friday 15th June
08:00	Training
15:00	Competition Site Homologation
Saturday 16th June
08:00	1st Round Slalom
15:00	2nd Round Slalom
Sunday 17th June
10:00	3rd Round Slalom
15:00 	Prize giving ceremony
Organizer reserves the right to amend the schedule of the competition with respect of weather conditions, number of participating skiers and other force majore events.
18. Catering
Club Cafeteria at the site will operate during the whole competition.
19. Accommodation
20. Visa
Please note that all foreign nationals are required to have entry visas to travel to the Russian Federation. Russian entry visas can be obtained at local Russian Embassy or Consulate, proper authorization (invitation) from the Passport and Visa Department (OVIR) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs or specially authorized travel agencies is required.
21. Officials

Chief Judge			
Homologator     Mr. Tommi Holopainen
Assistant H-r		
Calculator      Mr. Hannu Rintanen
Chief Driver    Mr. Pasi Toriseva
22. Contacts
Ozerki Water Ski Club
Mrs. Anna Hilmi
mobile + 7 921 948 9480
e-mail: anna.hilmi@mail.ru


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